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Heart-Fit (24 Months)

₹14,376.00 Onwards
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Availability: In stock

₹14,376.00 Onwards

    Availability:In stock
    Heart-Fit (24 Months)
    Product Features

    Fitness tracking and sleep monitoring

    Sync your own Fitbit or Garmin device to the UCare app and take the first steps towards healthy living. Track every part of your day – including activity, exercise, sleep etc – to help keep you fit, stay motivated and see how small steps make a big difference! 

    Don’t have a Fitbit or a Garmin tracker – no sweat, just download the Google Fit app from the Play Store or the Apple Health app from the App Store – and reach your fitness goals!

    12 Lead ECG hand held machine

    Now, no need to rush to a clinic to get your ECG or HRV test. SanketLife is an Ultra easy-to-use, medical grade, 98% accurate device. It is a portable device, capable to take 12-Leads clinical grade ECG with no or minimal training.

          i) ECG Right at your Desk

          ii) Accurate

          iii) Convenient and easy monitoring tool

          iv) Patient centric/Patient Engaging Heart care

          v) Quick and Early detection

    Access to ECG Review by Cardiologist

    Now get a medical grade ECG in your own Smartphone – anywhere, anytime! To help you interpret the results, you can just click on the “refer to doctor” button, and a cardiologist will revert to you in the next 30 minutes!

    24 x 7 Ambulance services

    Now feel safe regardless of any life threatening medical situations e.g. (Heart Attack, Asthma Attack, Blood Pressure, etc). Our round the clock command center will ensure that Advanced Life Support ambulances are available within the shortest possible time! Also, your emergency contacts are notified automatically!

    Ambulance facilities are available in 36 cities across India and can be availed only twice in period of 12 months.

    24 x 7 Safety assistance

    Our partners, 24 Response, are your personal safety guardians with services comprehensively woven around your safety and security needs. With a click of a button, in various safety situations, while assisting you, we also simultaneously coordinate with relevant authorities and emergency service providers!

    Our 24 x 7 multi-layer protection protocol, will keep your loved ones and you, safe and secure.


    Now experience the convenience of mobility and assistance with on-demand transportation services; helping families take better care of their older adult members. We will facilitate a cab booking request with OLA/UBER cabs for our senior members – through a dedicated call center!

    This service is available only if the registered user is aged 60+.

    Assistance Services

    In a world full of uncertainties, we promise to be there to help you in any situation. On a single click, our 24 x 7 response center will assist you in any of the following situations:

          i) Car breakdown, including towing services

          ii) Medicine delivery or need for a doctor at odd hours

          iii) Plumber/Electrician/Key maker at odd hours

        This facility is available 24x7 for members who are aged 60+. For other subscribers, this facility is live from 10 pm to 6 am everyday.

    Add and Alert your Care Givers

    You can now add a caregiver to view your Health Vault as well as get alerted in cases of any emergency! All alerts are automatic. Now, one can review their parents’ health records remotely and forward the same to any doctor for an opinion!

    Dial- a-Doctor

    Need to speak with a doctor and get a consultation? Just click on the SOS button and state your requirement. We will connect you to a doctor for a tele-consultation, to address your issue right away!

    This facility is available free only twice in 12 months.

    Discounts on Lab Tests

    Need to get a blood test done? No need to run to the nearest pathology lab! Just click on the Lab Tests icon – and get average 35% discount on any test! Our partners, 1mg, will also ensure that you have a home sample collection facility, if required!

    Discounts on e-Pharmacy

    Now avail attractive discounts while ordering your medicines! Our partners, 1mg, help ensure you save at least 20% on your medicines. Rest in the comfort that the medicines are genuine and will be safely delivered to you!

    Health Vault

    Your health data is critical to managing your fitness and health. Apart from the data for activity, sleep etc, that is captured by the fitness tracker and the app, you have access to unlimited cloud storage to securely maintain your health records and test results in the Health Vault.

    Access to Air Ambulance

    We aim to assist our customers in all their medical emergencies – regardless of where they are in the world! Just click on the SOS button and ask for an air ambulance! We will arrange for the same – from wherever you may be!

    Air Ambulance services are on chargeable basis.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Ambulance services can be availed free 2 times in a year only by the registered user.
    2. Incase the ambulance service are used by a non-registered user the same will be on
    chargeable basis.
    3. 24X7 Safety services can be availed free only by the registered user.
    4. Incase the 24X7 Safety services are used by a non-registered user the same will be on
    chargeable basis.
    5. 24X7 Asistance services can be availed free only by the registered user.
    6. Incase the 24X7 Asistance services are used by a non-registered user the same will be
    on chargeable basis.

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