Details of Usage of Ambulance Services:

  1. The emergencies covered by the Ambulance Services are any life-threatening situations faced by the customer only e.g. Medical (Heart Attack, Asthma Attack, Blood Pressure, etc), Fire, Accidents, Gas Leakage, Short Circuit, etc

  2. Ambulance Services will be provided to the customer on 24x7 basis for the duration of the subscription only.

  3. The service provider will not be responsible for any loss or damage of property while undergoing the rescue operations.

  4. In case of any emergency, the SOS alert should be made ONLY on via the UCare App

  5. The ambulance services will reach within 15 - 20 minutes.

  6. The Ambulance brigade will not be used as a hearse.

  7. In case of any emergency, the Ambulance will take the client to the hospital and will call up the necessary agencies for taking action.

  8. A consent form if possible, shall be signed by the representative of the client before loading the patient on the brigade. The Ambulance providers do not take any responsibility for the loss of life during transit.

  9. The client has agreed to take the emergency evacuation service totally at its own risk of any kind arising from the nature of service. The Ambulance provider shall perform its duty diligently, to the best of its ability and shall protect the interest of the client to its best ability limited to the constraints on the site.

  10. The Ambulance services membership is nontransferable by the client.

  11. In case of an emergency Advance Life support ambulance will be activated by the Alarm center. In case ALS is not available, basic Life support ambulance will be sent to the incident location.

  12. Ambulance services are available in following locations