Frequently Asked Questions

  • Go to menu click logout, click forget password > Enter your registered mobile number > Click get OTP to verify the OTP > Enter your new password click submit. Now login with your new password.

  • Google Fit
    • In the Devices tab, click on Google Fit & install the Google Fit app.
    • Setup your Google Fit account.
    • Open the UCare app on the Devices tab click on Google Fit > Connect.
    • Choose your account used in Google Fit to allow all the permission.

    Apple Health
    • If you are an iPhone user Apple Health will prompt you when you log in for the first time.
    • Click Turn on All Categories then click Allow at the top right.

  • • In the Device Tab, Click on Fitbit & install the Fitbit app.
    • Setup your Fitbit account in the Fitbit app.
    • In the device, tab click Fitbit > Connect.
    • Log in to your Fitbit account, change 1 day to 1 year, allow all the permissions, and click the Allow button.

  • • In the Device tab, click on SanketLife > Register.
    • Make sure your phone bluetooth is turned on.
    • Click the button on the ECG Device to pair

  • Click on the menu on the top left, click on the Upgrade button. Enter your Kit ID or buy a package online at

  • • Go to the UCare Health app.
    • Press the Ambulance icon.
    • Press the ‘Call Ambulance” button.

  • • Our Dial a Doctor service provides medical teleconsultation on an emergency basis only.
    • Doctors can prescribe OTC drugs only.
    • Once you dial the command center you will be connected to the relevant doctor depending on your problem.

  • • Activate In-person safety by pressing the 'In-person safety' icon then pressing the 'Call Safety' and talk to our UCare helper.
    • Send SOS alerts to your loved ones at the press of a button.
    • Alert your emergency contacts with location details.
    • In-person and on-ground safety response for senior citizens as part of the subscription package.

  • • HelpMe Button – 24x7 Response to any distress situation.
    • In an emergency, just activate the HelpMe button in our app and get Immediate Response. Our Mobile App automatically identifies your location and connects you within seconds to our Response Centre, whilst simultaneously sending out an alert with your location coordinates to the nearest field responder. Our response center will also coordinate with any third-party assistance or requisite government authorities depending on the emergency.

  • • Assist Me is our quick response and immediate assistance service! For your urgent critical needs at the odd hour - we aim to provide on-ground assistance!
            ∘ Between 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM
            ∘ Doctor at home
            ∘ Medicine at home
            ∘ Roadside assistance
    • Charges for the usage of any external services like Hospitals, Doctors, Mechanics, any other third-party services, etc. are not included in the package and are to be borne directly.

  • • App-based transportation companies like Uber/Ola are now available through our call center at the click of a button.
    • This facility is designed to give senior citizens the ability to be ‘on the go’ without having to worry about the complexities of planning for transportation.
    • The service is available only if you are above 60 years of age.

  • • It’s easy to invite your friends and family on the UCare app just click the menu button on the top left click Invite friends this will give you an option to use different platforms to share your invite code with your friend.

  • • Just visit the UCare Store and redeem your coins for vouchers & gifts.
    • Kindly check the Terms & Condition and Instructions of the offer before redeeming it.

  • Ambulance services are available on demand – however are chargeable on actuals

  • No, there is however, the facility to schedule a doctor appointment

  • No…all medicines ordered via the UCare app automatically have a discounted price

  • While you are welcome to schedule an appointment with the lab using the UCare app, you are also entitled to free home sample collection services in most of the cities in India

  • The COVID Care Insurance cover (the “Policy”) is an open benefit policy provided by Religare Health Insurance Company Limited (the “Insurer”). The Master Policy is held by TransAsia Ventures Pvt Ltd under Master Policy Number 17303172.

    The Insured members should be the existing customers of Master Policy Holder.

  • Treatment expenses incurred due to COVID-19 on being tested positive or being quarantined in a government identified screening ward/isolation facility for suspected COVID post first screening

  • Individual Only

  • Self only

  • Age definition: Age on Last birthday

    Minimum entry age: 18 years (Adult) Maximum entry age: 70 Years (Adult) Exit age: Lifelong

    Children above the age of 91 days can also be covered

  • Options available are either Rs. 2 Lacs OR Rs 5 Lacs

  • The tenure of the policy is one year.

  • No medical check-up is required. Proposed has to give a self-declaration only

  • Cashless (Within Network)/Re-imbursement for non-network hospitals

  • The insurance company, i.e. RHIL does the same In-House

  • Insured member availing this insurance cover should give his/her consent on the declaration which says that:

    The proposed insured member had not travelled internationally anytime within last 4 weeks and has not been diagnosed, nor suspected nor having any symptoms of COVID-19

  • Normal Room-Single AC Room/Isolation Ward (If Recommended by a qualified medical practitioner)

    ICU Room- No Limit

  • Initial- 15 days

  • In-patient Care

    • The following expenses are covered:

    • Room, boarding, nursing and Operation theatre expenses as charged by the Hospital where the Insured Member availed medical treatment • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) charges • Fees charged by surgeon, anaesthetist, Medical Practitioner • Anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, surgical consumables, medicines and drugs, diagnostic materials and X-ray, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cost of pacemaker, joint replacement, etc.

  • The insurer is not liable for medical expenses towards making any claim for the above mentioned benefits that began within 15 days of the commencement of the policy

  • Claims will not be admissible if insured travels to countries where travel has been restricted under the Travel Advisory of MoHFW, after issuance of such advisory

    Quarantine at home or any treatment in any non-recognized medical institution for treating Corona virus is not covered