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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Health and Wellness in workplace is crucial to business success. We, at UCare, are offering a range of services and products to minimize health risks and increase employee productivity and reduce healthcare costs.

Our Services

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Mobile App
An easy to use app to help you track and store all your health and fitness related data along with the ability to call for emergency services anytime of the day or night.
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ECG Monitor
A medical grade ECG to record and monitor heart rate for stress management anywhere anytime.
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Ordering prescription medicines was never this easy! Through our ePharmacy partner, 1mg, you have the option of home delivery and store pick-up, as well as get attractive discounts!
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24x7 Assistance
Safety and assistance in cases like loss of keys, road rage, stalking as well as on road assistance in case of a car break down and medicine delivery at odd hours.
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ECG Review / Dial a Doc
The ECG data can be instantly sent to a cardiologist/Doctor for interpretation and review. You can also speak to a doctor incase you are not feeling well.
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Up to one year of your fitness and heart monitoring data Is available to you to share with your doctor / care givers or your fitness coach.
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24x7 Ambulance
24x7 ambulance service with single point coordination and on ground assistance in minutes. Access to air ambulance services.
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Lab tests
Get access to attractive discounts for lab tests through a wide network of leading primary care brands to bring health closer to you and your family


  • 1. Greater Employee productivity
  • 2. Create a culture of health in organization
  • 3. Decreased healthcare costs
  • 4. Better Security assistance to employees through the App
  • 5. Reduced Absenteesim


  • 1. A healthier/happier work environment
  • 2. Improved employee relations
  • 3. Driving fitness through community challenges
  • 4. Access to discounted diagnostics as well as doctor consultancy