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ThriweCare Corporate Wellness Solutions, reinvent the health and benefits experience for both employers & employees. No more wasteful healthcare spending, it’s time your employees get the quality, support, benefit, and care they deserve.

When your employees feel supported and empowered to make smart decisions for their health and well being, it has an amazing effect. Productivity and retention improves and so does employee satisfaction.

Benefits to the Company

Business Performance

Powerful Analytics

Keep track of your employees' overall wellbeing on a real-time basis. Measure the efficacy of your employee wellness program and monitor employee health risk data


Simplify Health Benefits

Employees can notify, file as well as view current status of their claim directly with the insurer, resulting in reduce pressure on HR operations


Reduce Costs

We help you reduce your employee benefits cost by using our technology, partnerships and analytics


Increase Employee Satisfaction

Our platform has shown multifold increase in engagement by providing virtual marathon, health benefits and emergency care via a single platform

Healthy Company

Build a Healthy Company Culture

We help create a healthy corporate culture, that helps in increasing productivity & hence improve the financial health of the organization

Our Client Witnessed

When implemented correctly corporate wellness programs establish healthy work culture, improves employee health and implement strategies that reduce medical costs, increase morale and efficiency.


Reduction in Medical Cost


Improvement in employee engagement in India


Increase in physical activity


of average weight lost per employee

Corporate Wellness

A simple, easy-to-use Dashboard

Easily filter, tag and manage users

Quickly identify people who haven't synced or are reporting a low level of activity or engagement

Create a challenge group in less than 60 seconds

Select from various challenge and engagement module

Corporate Wellness

How it works?

Engagement & collaboration

Engage co-workers to foster a collaborative & healthy workplace

Healthy diet & nutrition tips

Eat well & stay knowledgeable about the current diet & nutrition trends

Track & achieve health goals

Motivate employees in a fun & engaging way to achieve their health goals

Positive reinforcement & rewards

Give incentives to establish & maintain healthy lifestyle choices

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