Frequently Asked Questions

  • The ThriweCare GPR card is a Rupee denominated chip-based reloadable prepaid card issued by NSDL Payments Bank powered by RuPay. It is an easy, convenient & secured mode of transaction, ideal for online & offline payments and withdrawing money.

  • The ThriweCare GPR card is designed to help you manage your expense – both personal and professional. The card comes with various benefits including:

    • Better alternative for Cash.
    • It can be used for Shopping Outlets, online portals and for cash withdrawal at ATMs.
    • Wide accessibility at more than 5 million+ Merchant locations, around 1.5 Lac ATMs and over 10,000 online websites.
    • Easy loading Upto INR 2,00,000/-
    • Reload facility available.
    • No need to open a Bank account.
    • Easy tracking of spends using the dedicated UCare App.

  • The ThriweCare GPR card can be used to make any electronic payments, online payments, at POS Machines, cash withdrawal at ATMs, thus empowering you with anytime, anywhere money!

  • These cards are issued by our Corporate partners to their customers, employees & other sub-partners as a part of their payment programs & requirements.

  • After receiving their login credentials via a Welcome letter through email, users are required to download and sign in to the ThriweCare App. Once they have successfully logged in, they must proceed to activate their card by completing an Aadhar XML-based KYC verification process.

  • ThriweCare is India's first Digital Health + Financial Wellness platform. It offers a preventive healthcare platform with a range of benefits, as well as an electronic prepaid card ecosystem that enables users to conduct transactions through various digital channels.

  • Verification is required for activation of ThriweCare card. Users need to provide & verify their PAN and Aadhaar details for completing the verification process.

    Steps of verification on ThriweCare app:
    • Select "Activate Now" or "Complete KYC" on the app's homepage.
    • Provide basic account information.
    • Enter your PAN Number.
    • Aadhaar KYC process is initiated after PAN Verification.
    • Enter your Aadhaar Number and Security Code (CAPTCHA).
    • Click on Send OTP. • Enter the OTP received and set your desired Share Code.
    • Click on proceed and Aadhaar XML is successfully submitted.
    • Note: Set a PIN for all card transactions, including online ones.

  • Yes, verification is mandatory to activate the card. If you do not verify your ThriweCare GPR card, you may not be able to use some of the prepaid card's features. You may also have fewer protections in case of loss or theft of your physical card.

  • Yes, ThriweCare offers personalization of prepaid cards which means the name of the cardholder (up to 25 characters) can be printed on the card. This also depends on your ThriweCare package.

  • In case if the card is lost or stolen, the cardholder can apply for duplicate/replacement* card by calling the NSDL Payments Bank customer care service centre no +91 22-42022190 or placing a request at Post the request placement, it will take 7 working days for the card to be delivered at your communication address.

  • No, this feature is not available on Prepaid card.

  • Login in to the ThriweCare App, navigate to "Manage card," where you can effortlessly generate your PIN.

  • You can call the NSDL Payments Bank customer care service centre no +91 22-42022190 or write to

  • In case of a lost card, please promptly report it to corporate/customer care and request a replacement card. A replacement card will be issued, and the balance will be transferred to the new card. Please be aware that replacement charges of Rs. 250 plus GST will be incurred by the user. Replacement charges of Rs. 250 plus GST will be levied.

  • Fees and Charges*

    • One-Time Physical card Issuance Fee 300
    • GPR card Replacement Fees Per Request 250
    • Card Blocking / Unblocking Fees Per Request 50
    • One-Time card Closure Fees 100
    • ATM Cash withdrawal Per Transaction 20
    • ATM Cash withdrawal - Other Bank Per Transaction 20
    • ATM Inquiry (Balance & Transaction History) Per Transaction 20
    • ATM Pin-Reissuance Per Request 50
    • I-Pin Reissuance
    # Per Request 25
    • Charge Slip Retrieval Request Per Request 250
    • Monthly Account Inactive Fee 50
    • Annual Maintenance Fees 100
    • IMPS charges transfer from card to Bank Account – Per transaction – 25 (Including GST)

    * Plus, Applicable Taxes from time to time
    # First PIN Change would be free

  • Users can check all transaction details from the ThriweCare app. Users also get the option to download the statement from the app.

  • The card expiry date is printed on the back of the card and this information is available on ThriweCare app under manage card section>> view details.

  • The minimum spend limit is ₹49.

  • All card limits details are provided in the table below.

    Full KYC card Per Transaction Daily Monthly Annually
    ATM 20,000 20,000 5,00,000 60,00,000
    POS 50,000 50,000 5,00,000 60,00,000
    ECOMM 25,000 25,000 5,00,000 60,00,000
    TAP & PAY 5,000 5,000 5,000 60,000
    IMPS / RGTS & NEFT 20,000 50,000 5,00,000 60,00,000

    ● card holders can spend 15 mins after the card has been loaded.
    ● A 30-minute interval is required between two consecutive card load requests.
    ● card holders can do fund transfer using IMPS after 6 hrs. of the card loading.
    ● card holders can withdraw amount after 6 hrs. of the card loading.
    ● For IMPS – Maximum no. of beneficiaries created in a day is 3.

  • The ThriweCare GPR card is EMV chip-enabled and utilizes PIN-based authentication for all in-store merchant transactions and is secured by RUPAY PaySecure for all your online shopping. As a result, even in the event of loss, the card cannot be misused by unauthorized individuals.

  • You will receive an SMS alert on all Debit and Credit transactions.

  • The ThriweCare GPR cards issued under the corporate account may be loaded based on instructions from the authorized corporate representative, and funds transfer should be initiated from the designated corporate account.

  • User can check the balance of the card on ThriweCare app on the home screen and under manage card section.

  • There are several possibilities:
    ● Network could be down; in which case you need to try again later.
    ● The card is yet to be activated
    ● The amount of the purchase exceeds the available balance
    ● The card has expired
    ● The card has been reported lost or stolen
    ● User have entered PIN incorrectly