UCare@Home Solutions

What is UCare@Home?

Our UCare@Home Solutions, harnesses technology and AI to bring to you a platform for continuous 24x7 health and vitals monitoring, with regular doctor consultation, plus automatic emergency response to any deteriorating conditions – all from the comfort of your own home.

Our Solutions

24 x 7 Real-time remote monitoring of Vitals

Using a Dozee - we track respiration rate, heartbeat, sleep, stress levels, risk of heart failure, sleep apnea, oxygen saturation and more with medical grade accuracy

Connected Care

Care plan designed with and regular updates given by the treating doctor to ensure your progress is on the right track

24 × 7 Service Availability

Services across Assistance, Diagnostics, Medicine Delivery, Clinical Procedures and Doctor Consultation

Our Services

24 x 7 Remote monitoring of
vitals using Dozee

Instant alert to guardian in
any emergency situation

Instant access to Ambulance
24 x 7 in case of any emergency

Regular audio/video consultation with a doctor

Welcome kit that includes
essential PPE and guides

Facility for COVID testing at home

Why Choose UCare COVID Care@Home Solution

Care@Home UCare Others
Remote monitoring of health parameters 24 x 7 real-time remote monitoring using Dozee Manual Monitoring with a trained nurse on call
Essential Medical Kit Dozee, Thermometer, SpO2 Thermometer, Sp02 probe
UCare@Home Solutions Kit Digital Thermometer,3-ply Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Hand gloves, Alcohol wipes, Medicines
24x7 Ambulance Instant access to Ambulance 24 x 7
Daily consultation Audio/video consultation with a doctor Case Assessment by Nurse
COVID test @ home*
Day wise guidance on health and nutrition
Home delivery of medicines Up to 20% discounts No discounts
Lab Tests - Home sample collection Up to 40% discounts

*State guidelines apply

Want to know more about our Basic and Advance @Home Care packages?
Please feel free to reach out on 9820181899 | 7045634903