Let's start a "Preventive Healthcare" Revolution!

by UCare Team

Preventive Healthcare

Ever heard the saying "Prevention is better than Cure"!

Unfortunately, according to data collected diabetes & heart attacks are two of the top killer in our country, followed closely by tuberculosis, hypertension, coronary artery diseases. All preventable diseases if we take action in time!

Not many are familiar with the term Lifestyle Disease! The simplest way to describe it would be Health damaging choices that we make in our daily lives. Approximately 14.2 million people between the age group of 30 - 70 die every year due to lifestyle disease!

Let's follow these tips to change these Statatstic- Let's Undo It!

Tip 1 - Exercise, exercise, exercise!!
Even if its 20 minutes you get in the day, just move. Invest in a fitness band/app that'll not only track your daily fitness but motivate you to move!

Tip 2 - Eat Smart!
Eat only till you're 80% full... Eating healthy doesn't always equal to boring... Make smart choices! Eat baked instead of fried, natural sweeteners, fruits, dates with honey, jaggery based sweets instead of cakes/pastries! Pack a handful of dry fruits like raisins, almonds, walnut in your bag for those mid-meal hunger bangs! There are lots of apps that track your calories intake use them!

Tip 3 - Relax & Rest
Ever heard stress is a "Silent Killer"! Chronic stress has been found to be the root cause for heart disease, cancer & other health problems & even premature death! So talk about your feeling, laugh, meditate because remember whatever you're going through always remind yourself "This too shall pass"!

Tip 4 - Don't light that next cigarette
Although smoking seems like a harmless puff of fun, each stick contains thousands of chemicals that destroy healthy organs! So Stop smoking & start to LivSmart LivStrong!

Tip 5 - Get a Good Night's sleep
The quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life. So for mental sharpness, productivity, creativity, sufficient sleep is very important! After all, we all want that raise/promotion in office, not to mention the ugly dark circles we all can do without! So do yourself a favour and start to track your sleep with sleep monitoring apps!

Top 7 Killers in Mumbai

Source: Times of India


Practising Preventive Healthcare will not only make sure you're around for your loved ones for a long-long time but also fights productivity drain associated with chronic illness as well as lowers health/disease related expenditure up to 75%!

So what are you waiting for, start to LivSmart LivStrong today! Because 'Health is Wealth' - so keep the treasure safe!

Posted on Nov 18, 2019