COVID Care Insurance Cover

The COVID Care Insurance cover (the “Policy”) is an open benefit policy provided by Religare Health Insurance Company Limited (the “Insurer”). The Master Policy is held by TransAsia Ventures Pvt Ltd under Master Policy Number 17303172

# Benefits Details
1 Sum Insured (SI) INR 2 Lakhs or 5 Lakhs
2 Scope of Cover Treatment expenses incurred due to COVID-19 on being tested positive or being quarantined in a government identified screening ward/isolation facility for suspected COVID, post first screening
3 Relationships Covered Individual basis for self
4 Entry Age – Min 18 years (Adult)
5 Entry Age – Max 70 years (Adult)
6 Exit Age Adult- Lifelong
7 Policy Tenure 1 Year
8 Claims pay-out Reimbursement
9 Wait period 15 days initial wait period
10 Room rents Any Hospital Room up to Single AC Room / Isolation ward (If Recommended by a qualified medical practitioner)
11 Issuance basis Issuance to individuals who have not traveled internationally anytime within 4 weeks prior to application and declare good health
12 Special Conditions Claims will not be admissible if insured travels to countries where travel has been restricted under the Travel Advisory of MoHFW, after issuance of such advisory