In-person safety & assistant details

  1. Safe Call

  2. Imminent Physical Threat

  3. Stalking/Being Followed

  4. Road Rage

  5. Automated Alert To Registered Contact

  6. Car break down at odd hours (10 PM-6AM)

  7. Tow Truck Service

  8. Need of Medicines at An Odd Hour (10 pm - 6am)

  9. Doctor on Call (10 PM-6AM)

  10. The service location shall be for in-person safety response is New Delhi, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Mumbai Region, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

  11. Charges for the usage of any external services like Hospitals, Doctors, Mechanics, any other third-party services, etc. are not included in the package and shall have to be borne by the Client directly.

  12. The Company arranges assistance using third party vendors and cannot take responsibility or guarantee for their workmanship.

  13. All assistance requests need to be made using only the UCare app.

  14. We shall provide on call assistance initially within 5 minutes of receiving the request from the User. The above-mentioned services within 30-45 minutes of receiving the request from the Users. However, it is clarified that the Turn Around Time shall be subject to unforeseen traffic jams attributable to established and proven (i) VIP movements; (ii) heavy rains, and (iii) other unusual & unplanned situations attributable to third parties.