ThriweCare Corporate Wellness Solutions reinvent the health and benefits experience for both employers & employees. No more wasteful healthcare spending, it’s time your employees get the quality, support, benefit, and care they deserve.

When your employees feel supported and empowered to make smart decisions for their health and wellbeing, it has an amazing effect. Productivity and retention improves and so does employee satisfaction.

Corporate Wellness

Employee healthcare benefits designed for the modern Indian workforce.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Improve Business Performance

Build a Healthy Company Culture

Integrate and Optimize Benefits

Why ThriweCare?

ThriweCare is India's first Digital Health + Financial Wellness platform!

True to our motto ‘LivSmart LivStrong’ we bring you seamless platform of carefully curated services to keep your employee healthy.

Using the platform, you can avail instant access to medical as well as financial support, all at the click of a button!

“....a life less stressed is our ultimate goal at ThriweCare!”

- Vikrant Gugnani (Founder & Managing Director)

Senior Care

Empowering elders to live comfortably at Home

24 x 7 Emergency Support

24 x 7 Emergency Doctor on call

Medicine & Lab Tests at home

Remote monitoring of health parameters



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Overcome Diabetes
Nov 18, 2019

Good health is a lifestyle. It cannot be acquired by consuming any ‘instant’ magic potion.

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